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Equipment Guys

Price List

Equipment and Operator by the hour
Residential and Light Commerial

Hourly rate doesn't work for you? We can bid the job. Call for free quote.

    Equipment and Operator
    Kubota Track Loader                      $95 hour
    (Includes bucket & forks)
    Kubota Excavator Track                 $95 hour
    (Includes 1' 2' 3' bucket)
    Rubber Tire Loader                         $95 hour
    (Includes forks & buckets)
    Dump Trailer & Truck                    *$85 hour
    Kaufman Flatbed trailer& Truck  *$85 hour
    12' Dump Trailer & Truck              *$75 hour
    Equipment Attachments
    Kabot Jackhammer                       $225 day
    Grappler Auger                              $200 day
    Miscellaneous Hand Tools
    Chop Saw                                      $50 day
    Chain Saw                                     $50 day
    Labor for concrete cuts              $25 hour
    Saw Cuts                                       $4.50 ln ft
    Combo Package any 3               *$250 hour
    * Additional fuel charges apply
** Subject to change at any time.
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